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Only one name gives pro athletes the level of performance they long for: Power Balance.

With so many products claiming to help you up your game, rest assured that the people at the top of their game choose Power Balance. Thanks to original thinking, a genuine concern for customers and a community of believers, we've become the leader so many are trying to follow.

Look for the seal of approval on all Power Balance products.


The following locations are NOT authorized to sell authentic Power Balance™ products, and product purchased from these locations is likely to be counterfeit. Power Balance™ is aggressively pursuing all counterfeiters and appreciates your help. If you see Power Balance™ products being sold in these locations, please let us know below.

  • Mall Kiosks
  • Pharmacies
  • Swap Meet Booths

Here is another list of un-authorized resellers.  We cannot guarantee or verify the authenticity of the product purchased from these sources.